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It is very hard for us to check whether the roof top is consisting of dirt and other garbage out there. That is the reason why we sometimes don’t care anymore about cleaning it and of course to know if there is a problem or any damage there. The roofing companies Columbia sc always remind their client to carefully check and give time to inspect the roof of their houses so that mess and other things would not be accumulated there. Most the homeowners would just make an excuse that is too high to check every time and they don’t have much time to secure that the place is clean and dirt-free. The result of that action would be a damage or brittleness of your roof.

Algae can be easily removed from your roof as you need to have dishwashing liquid or detergent soap with bleach mixed together and rinse off with water with the effort of scrubbing it to totally remove the algae stain from sticking.

People are always complaining about the black streaking thing on their roofs. They might not be the main reason or cause of the brittleness and damage there, it is still part of the bad things that makes the roof unpleasant to see. This is the result of too much algae out there that has not been removed or cleaned for a long time.  as time passes by, because of the accumulated number of dried algae up there, it will become a black stain look like in your roof. This is the reason as well the water will be trapped there and can’t go down to the pipes. Others like dead leaves, sticks, or even branches of the trees.

You can stop this from happening, if you would check it most of the time like 2 times a month or even once a month. In this way, it will stop from resulting to black streaking stuff. You may use some algae solution to remove them. It you have enough budget, you can purchase a modern kind of roof that can protect from having algae there. But this one is too expensive. You may have the idea to install a strip that is made from zinc or copper that will be the way to go down and to flush away that is everything there.

Since, you have enough time to do this kind of activity. Then you need to prepare some of the equipment and materials to clean the black steaking algae. You have to secure a scrub or a brush, hose for water supply, gloves for your hands, and the agent solution for stain removal. You have to do it when it is a bit cloudy so that it won’t be very hot for you to finish this kind of task. When you are brushing especially the shingles, make sure to do it gently. You don’t want to destroy anything that may cause to future breakage and damage. Mae sure that you will rinse the roof thoroughly as you don’t want this agent stain removal to cause something to your roof.

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